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Action Against Hunger is challenging you to be involved in the next step against global hunger. Hunger claims 1 million young lives every year, but for the first time in history, game changing solutions are within our reach. Using ready-to-use therapeutic foods, we can now treat children at home, and save lives at a scale never before imagined.

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We are 100% Dedicated to Ending Deadly Hunger

Founded in 1979, Action Against Hunger has over 5,000 staff in 45+ countries. Our innovative contributions have paved the way for this historic opportunity: ending deadly hunger.


In 1993, our revolutionary milk formula slashed mortality rates by 75% for severe malnutrition.


In 1997, our milk formula becomes Plumpy’nut, the first ever ready-to-use therapeutic food, which can now save millions of young lives if brought to scale.

These developments, alongside our food security, emergency response and water & sanitation programs give us a holistic plan to win the fight against hunger.

#Team45 Success Stories

Each year, we save hundreds of thousands of malnourished children using ready-to-use therapeutic foods. Thanks to #Team45 members, we can treat even more children in need around the world.

Meet Mariam

At 18 months old, Mariam weighed less than 10 pounds. Her health was so fragile that we gave her round-the-clock care with therapeutic milk. Soon, she was stable enough to be treated at home with ready-to-use therapeutic foods. She’s now a healthy, happy toddler.

Meet Siham

Siham’s mother developed severe anemia in a Kenyan refugee camp after fleeing famine in Somalia. Fortunately, our lifesaving support helped her recover before delivering her beautiful, healthy daughter. Siham is now thriving in pre-school!

Meet Ousmane

The food crisis that struck Africa’s Sahel left Assama desperate to feed her 8-month-old son, Ousmane. She trekked over five miles to get him the medical attention he needed, and we provided tiny Ousmane with a full course of therapeutic treatment. Now Assama is hopeful for her future, and for her son’s.

We've raised $145,596, which is enough funding to treat 3,235 children! But we are not done yet. Let's tackle our next goal of $180,000 by Dec 31st!




How You Can Join the Fight

Create a fundraising page and join us in our mission of saving lives. Try to have a central focus to your fundraising, and share your page with everyone you know!

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The Time is Right. An Opportunity is Here. People are Standing Together. The Only Thing We Need is You to Take Action Against Hunger.

How Many Lives Will You Save?